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Card activation

Card activation


Dear Customer,


ProCredit Bank Moldova is pleased to introduce to you Visa Contactless card.


Contactless cards offer to you access to your money at any time. You can perform transactions at any ATMs or POS terminals, as well as make payments for products/services at shops and on the Internet, wherever Visa logo can be seen. The card uses contactless technology, which means that purchases can be made with or without contact chip at POS terminals featuring the Visa payWave symbol.


Here are some useful definitions for cardholders:


SIGNATURE: when you receive your card, please sign it on its back, in the white space designed for this, without crossing its borders. 


PAN: permanent account number (PAN) is the 16-digit card number embossed on the front side of the card.


CVV2: Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) is the 3-digit identification number inscribed on the back of the card, near the signature strip. You will be asked to enter this code when making online transactions.


PIN: personal identification number (PIN) is the 4-digit secret card code you initially receive via SMS. When creating a PIN, do not choose number combinations that are easy to guess, such as the last four digits of your phone number or your date of birth.



Getting your PIN

Using this type of card requires a PIN. To get your PIN, from a phone number that had been registered in the Bank send an SMS containing the last four digits of your card to 8010. You will then receive an SMS with your card’s PIN. For security reasons, we recommend to memorise the PIN and delete the SMS notification. Later, you can reset the PIN at ProCredit Bank Moldova ATM by selecting the option “PIN change” (PIN change is free of charge). At the ATM, enter the four-digit PIN that you had received in SMS, you will then be asked to enter the new PIN that will be used afterwards.



Keep abovementioned codes in secret and don’t disclose them to others, regardless the circumstances. Do not save your PIN on any electronic device, never keep it with your card, and don’t write it on card itself. Remember: never share your PAN, PIN, or CVV2 with anyone (including bank employees), regardless the situation. Read carefully the text of the messages received from the Bank and do not offer to third parties confirmation codes received via SMS for performed transactions. Be careful when introducing card data / confirmation codes during on-line transactions and check the truthfulness of websites.


Avoid using your card to make purchases: on sites that ask you to submit your card data via phone or e-mail, social media networks, betting sites, etc.


Loss / theft: if your card is lost or stolen, or your PIN or other data have been compromised, please notify our Contact Center immediately at 080 000 010 (domestic calls) or at +373 22 27 07 07 (international calls). If you are a private client and use Mobile Banking, you can block your card by yourself using the app.


For online purchases: when you access a secured website, the site’s address line changes from “http” to “https”. This confirms that the website has a security certificate (SSL). Please check the address line to verify that the company is legitimate, and that any information entered is encrypted. Also, make sure that your device’s antivirus program is updated.


With respect,

ProCredit Bank team