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For active international economic relations throughout Southeast Europe You may use the ProPay payment system within the ProCredit network of the banks in the region.

Payment orders can be realized through this payment system in thirteen banks – members of the ProCredit network of the banks in Southeast Europe, South America and Germany under highly favorable conditions, in a very short period of time.


Who can use the ProPay service?

Clients of ProCredit Banks in the region: private individuals, institutions or companies.


Where can the ProPAY service be used?

Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Ukraine and Ecuador.


Why ProPay ?

In order to realize commercial payments of business partners in the fastest and cheapest manner!
For the ProPay the bank offers:

  • Low cost - only 2.5 Euro / Usd within ProCredit banks
  • Transfers without any commissions – for the beneficiary of the funds
  • Speed - transfers can be done within a day and the recipient receives funds the same day in his bank account in ProCredit Bank.



The benefits of outgoing money transfers are applicable exclusively for the payments ordered via E-banking.

ProCredit Bank will realize the payment within 3 hours and the money will be credited the same day to the payee’s own account in the ProCredit Bank.

It is only required that both the issuer of the order and the beneficiary have an open current account at ProCredit Bank.




Total amount  Fee USD  Fee EUR
For any transfer  2.5 USD  2.5 EUR



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