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Current account

What is a current account opened with ProCredit Bank?

The current account is a banking instrument by which you can make any banking transaction and you can manage your money easier and more efficiently. The current account can be used for receiving money payments, cashing or bank transfers. Current accounts can be opened with ProCredit Bank in MDL, USD and EUR.

You can:

  • perform payments;
  • order transfers (local and international);
  • add to your savings account;
  • receive money to this account (salary, other incomes, transfers, etc);
  • put cash in the account;
  • withdraw cash from the account.

What are your benefits?

  • No min outstanding amount is required;
  • You may authorize one or more persons to have access to your current account;
  • You can access your current account from any branch or agency of ProCredit Bank, regardless where you opened the account.

How can you open a current account?

You just need to fill in the application for account opening and present Identity card in one of our branches or agencies.