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ProCredit Bank has launched a new service – FlexCard Contactless


Following the promotion of the Direct Banking concept for private clients, BC “ProCredit Bank” S.A. has launched a new service – FlexCard Contactless.


What does “Contactless” mean?

Contactless technology allows users to make payments at merchants in the country and abroad without having to insert their bank card into a device or enter a PIN code.


Where can I use the FlexCard Contactless and how does it work?

You can use your FlexCard Contactless to make contactless purchases at any POS terminal in the country or abroad that displays the Contactless symbol of VISA .

By tapping the card against the contactless symbol or simply holding it near the POS terminal, payment is made automatically without requiring the cardholder to enter a PIN code for purchases lower than the equivalent of USD 25 (according to the bank's exchange rate for transactions with cards).

Abroad, the limit for a contactless payment transaction varies from one country to another, but the maximum amount for a single contactless transaction without requiring the cardholder to enter a PIN code is equivalent to USD 30.


How do I use the FlexCard Contactless?


  1. Find                                    2. Tap                                 3. Confirm

    Look for the contactless        Tap or hover the card over     A short sound will indicate

   symbol when you go              the symbol until a green         successful payment

   shopping at merchants          light appears


Is the FlexCard Contactless secure?

Each card contains a sophisticated and secure chip. This chip performs a wide range of functions to maintain the card’s security and can safely interact with a POS terminal.

For a Contactless operation to take place, the card has to interact with a POS terminal equipped with Contactless technology (Visa PayWave). During this interaction, private keys are used to generate electronic signatures and cryptograms.

This makes the Contactless operation secure, similar to other chip-based transactions.

Contactless technology is optional, which means that your card has all the standard features of a bank card. So if you want to use your card to pay for goods or services at a payment terminal that is not equipped with Contactless technology, you can still make purchases by using the card in the standard way.