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Salary project


“I would like to simplify the process of salary payment for my employees. How can ProCredit Bank help me?"


With the salary project from ProCredit Bank, you can make the monthly salary payment process easier for your employees.







  • Maximum simplification of the salary payment process -  just one transfer
  • All employees receive their salary payment on the same day, regardless of their location (annual leave, business trip, office location, etc.)
  • No need to disturb employees during working hours to hand out their salaries
  • No expenses connected with cash management/transportation and the administration of a cash desk
  • Reduction of risks associated with the storage and transportation of large amounts of cash


Advantages for your employees:

  • No commission fee for Visa Electron card issuance
  • Unlimited access to salary with a bank card
  • Possibility to pay for goods and services in shops and markets in any part of the world using the Visa payment terminal
  • Maximum security with a high-tech microprocessor chip
  • Withdraw money at any ATM bearing the Visa logo at home or abroad
  • Withdrawals from ProCredit Bank ATMs are free of charge
  • Possibility to receive a salary-based loans
  • Broad range of simple and accessible banking services


How to implement a salary project:

  • Open a current account with ProCredit Bank and sign an agreement for the abovementioned service
  • Instruct employees interested in this service to open current accounts with ProCredit Bank and submit an application for a bank card
  • Submit all the necessary payroll documents to the bank on a monthly basis


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