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ProCredit Bank launches an ECO initiative for the first time in Moldova

For the first time in our country, ProCredit Bank launched an awareness raising and plastic consumption minimization initiative under the slogan Think Responsibly for Your Children’s Future.



The statistics shows that one family uses in the average 14 plastic bags daily, an alarming number, if we think that the usage time of one bag is very short, sometimes it is used only once; but it requires a very long period of time to decompose. With its initiative ProCredit Bank draws the public’s attention to the consumption of plastic bags, which finally leads to environment pollution.

“We see nowadays many problems regarding environmental issues. In this context, I may bring up the example of plastic items usage. Its decomposition period is over 400-500 hundred years that means it takes the lifetime of 7-8 generations. Because of the irresponsible usage of plastic, lots of animals species die annually. For plastic production factories exploit the resources that may be used otherwise, for solving some other global problems. It’s time for us to ask ourselves and look for answers in our daily actions, because the quality of the future generations environment mostly depend on us”, considers Evghenia Gashikulina, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board.



For two weeks, ProCredit Bank will offer around 17,000 natural cloth bags to its customers free of charge. In addition, for this initiative to cover a wider segment of the community, some of the ecologic bags will be distributed through the Casa Curată shop network, where the buyers will receive the purchased goods in an environmentally friendly bag.

“Our recently launched initiative is part of a global initiative launched by our mother-company and joined with openness by ProCredit Bank Moldova. Together with the ProCredit banks from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Albania, Georgia and Ukraine we would like to send an important and vital message to the communities we operated in, encouraging people to give up plastic bags, which are toxic and pollute the planet, in favour of natural cloth bags. Lacking demand reduces the offer, that is why we decided to offer ECO bags to people, so that they could see how useful and “long lasting” a cloth bag can be compared to a plastic bag,” said Natalia Osadcii, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board.


The history knows many examples of people from ancient times knowing how to live in harmony with the nature and the environment. In order to remember those times, the employees of ProCredit Bank organized an ECO event in the open air, in the green “heart” of Chisinau, the Teatrul Verde. In a natural atmosphere and in the shade of old trees, ProCredit Bank prepared an educational and entertainment program with creative workshops, master-classes, face-painting, flower planting, music and national dance recitals and contests.


“I think this is a very good initiative. I would like children to know more about the importance of environment protection. We should start from early childhood and parents must be good examples for imitation” considers Natalia, one of the hundreds event participants.

“I am really happy that I managed to persuade my mother to come here today. I am having a very good time here. The organizers told us many interesting facts about our planet, why the plastic is harmful, and they promised us that we would receive a present at the end – a cloth bag, and I already know how to use it. When we go shopping, we will take the bag with us and will not buy plastic bags any more” told us Daria.


The attractions of the event were a photo gallery with examples of places from all over the world which are now the most polluted and disastrous in the world because of the plastic left behind by people, an exhibition of works made from recycled materials, a fashion parade with cloths made from recycled materials. At the end, all event participants received an ECO bag.

Everybody is responsible for the future of our planet where our children will live.