ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank

Information Disclosure

0800 000 10 Contact Centre

+373 22 27 07 07 for international calls

Legal address: bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, nr. 65, office 901, MD-2001, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova



Suggestions and Complaints

Dear Clients,

CB ProCredit Bank S.A. is an international bank, with 100% foreign capital. We see ourselves as a socially responsible bank that offers a broad range of simple and accessible banking services that meet the real needs of our customers, on fair terms and conditions.

We aim to set new standards of customer service quality by building business relationships based on strict adherence to ethical principles, thus contributing to an ongoing increase in people’s trust in banks. All ProCredit clients are treated courteously and respectfully, regardless of their origin, language, sex, religion and political beliefs. Each client is served in a friendly and competent manner.

Our commitment to serve our clients well matters a great deal to us. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our service, or any complaints about the service you have received, please contact us by calling 0800 000 10 for national calls and +373-22-27-07-07 for intentional calls, or completing the form on this page: Your Suggestions and Questions. Each suggestion or complaint will be reviewed individually by the appropriate department within 14 days.