Transfers inside Moldova

Transfers inside Moldova

What is a transfer in national currency?

Any transfer within the Republic of Moldova made only in Moldovan lei.


You can perform following operations:

  • payment of taxes;
  • payment to third parties (for goods bought or services received);
  • repayment of the loan.


What are your benefits?

  • In case that receiver holds the current account with ProCredit Bank, payment will be performed within couple of minutes;
  • Our qualified staff will help you to fill in all banking documents;
  • You need just several minutes to perform one transaction.
  • Favorable working hours.
  • Ability to submit the Payment Order with the future execution date, which will not exceed 10 working days since its submission.


How can you perform a local transaction?

  • You need a Set of Services opened in ProCredit Bank;
  • You have to dispose sufficient funds in your current account;
  • Fill in the payment order in the system ProBanking;
  • Transfer will be performed in the same day;
Note: Executed payment cannot be abolished after its execution by the ProCredit Bank.


Schedule for receiving payment orders