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Visa Electron


What is VISA Electron?

Visa Electron is a banking card which enables you to receive your salary funds on your banking account, and to use your own money funds in Moldova and beyond its borders as well.



Advantages of using Visa Electron Card:

  • There is no fee on paying through POS terminals located in commercial centers.
  • The possibility to pay for goods and services purchased through the Internet.
  • The possibility to pay with VISA Electron Card abroad regardless of the currency of the country as your money will be automatically converted in the country’s local currency.
  • Access to your money 24/24 hours
  • Withdraw any amount of money you need, anytime, from any ATM with VISA logo
  • Money always is safe. Even if you lose your card, money is safe, as they stay in your banking account.
  • You control non-stop your money. Any transaction is reflected directly in your balance account, which you can monitor.
  • There is no need to carry the money with you, count them or wait for change, furthermore avoiding the risk of taking false money.

In addition to these advantages, a banking card assures your money safety, due to a high technology device, called microprocessor, embedded directly on the card, its falsification being almost impossible.

Cards offered by ProCredit Bank are provided both with chip, and magnetic stripe, thanks to this fact you can avoid any issues which may occur with old generation ATM and POS terminals, lacking chip processing technology.

How can you use VISA Electron?

  • You may withdraw cash from your account in just several seconds from any ATM with VISA sign worldwide
  • You can also purchase any kind of product or service in any trading or service point of the world, which is equipped with special terminal.

How to obtain a card with chip from ProCredit Bank?

  • If you are a client of ProCredit Bank and you have a current account with us, you can address to any of our branches or agencies to fill in an application for issuance of the card in the respective currency.
  • In case you don’t hold a current account with our bank and you want to obtain a bank card you have to visit any branch or agency of ProCredit Bank, submit a current account opening request form and a card issuance form.
  • You will receive the card in maximum two weeks.